Have you ever faced an audit?

Let me handle your audits from beginning to end. There are two things many businesses do wrong:

#1 Providing the incorrect information

#2 Providing more than needed

I also pre-audit so that we will know what to expect when the audit is finalized. Whether it is a Sales Tax Audit, General Liability Audit, WC Insurance Audit, Payroll Tax Audit, I can help you with this and SAVE YOU MONEY.


You're in good hands. You run your business and let me take care of your financial matters.

Are your corporate minutes up-to-date?

Another service I provide whether your business is an LLC, Partnership or Corporation, is keeping your Corporate Minutes up-to-date and in compliance with regulated requirements.

Image by Craig Melville

Accounting & Payroll Services

We provide accounting for Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations, Trusts & Non-Profit entities
Prepare & file the Annual Independent Contractor non-employee 1099’s
We work closely with your CPA to ensure accuracy in preparation for the filing of the company’s yearly Tax Returns
Prepare & file the Business Property Tax Returns
Prepare & file the Sales Tax Returns
Prepare Monthly Financial Statements, Projections, Budgets 
Our Analysis is based on Company & Individual needs
We process payroll within QuickBooks, pay all payroll taxes, prepare and file quarterly payroll tax returns both State & Federal, prepare & file annual returns and W2's
We also process and record payroll within the company’s accounting if an outside payroll service company is used.
We use QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks online version and Sage Software
Reconcile all Bank Statements, Credit Card Statements and Loan Statements monthly
We offer detailed Construction Accounting; Estimates & Budgets, Job-Cost Reports, Billings to the Owners, Sub-Contractor percentage of completion, Lien Releases, Insurance verifications